The Circumference of a Second

To listen to an audio version of 'The Circumference of a Second' please press the play button. for Dimitris Noulis Sometimes just a few words can transport us. A friend had emailed me the first line of a 17th century poem by Henry Vaughan, and I found myself reading it over and over: I saw … Continue reading The Circumference of a Second

The Shepherd’s Song

It often feels as though I'm the only person anywhere on the plateau. I'm kept company by lizards basking on the sun-struck stones, the wind raking the dry grasses like fingers through hair, and the relic memories of the Greek Civil War still lingering about the bunkers. On other days, though, I discover that I'm not alone: shepherds … Continue reading The Shepherd’s Song

The Meanings in Maps

Ever since a child I've been pulled magnetically towards maps. In school geography class I would peer up in fascination at the roll-down map of the planet fastened above the blackboard. There was the bold conglomeration of different coloured countries afloat on the blue oceans, the peculiarly shaped continents, the inset lakes. From its flat … Continue reading The Meanings in Maps

By Way of a Lake Pt. 2

Having lived with the Prespa Lakes for almost a decade now, I feel a fierce love and allegiance towards them. It seems a natural exchange for what they've provided me over time, the give and take of long tenure. Yet there is one other wetland in northern Greece that attracts my attentions now and then; I … Continue reading By Way of a Lake Pt. 2

The Impressions of Place

  It's hard to define place with any precision; each of us comes at it from a different angle. It can be suggestive of anything from a home or neighbourhood to an exotic and distant land. For some it might be wilderness, for others civilisation. It could equally be a meeting ground of the two. In fact, it's hard … Continue reading The Impressions of Place