In Memoriam: Berlin, part 2

On the night of November 23rd, 1943 Allied bombers destroyed much of the Kaiser Wilhelm Church at the heart of Charlottenburg, Berlin. Built by the Kaiser at the end of the 1800s in honour of his father, the church lay largely entombed by its own fallen stone. All that remained was a shattered shell and … Continue reading In Memoriam: Berlin, part 2

City of Glass and Other Dreams: Berlin, part 1

"Berlin is a city condemned always to become, never to be." - Karl Scheffler, 1910   Perhaps no other city has taken up as much imaginary space over the last century as Berlin. It is a city forever in flux, not in the gradual, accumulated ways of most urban spaces, but with sudden, violent reinventions. Berlin … Continue reading City of Glass and Other Dreams: Berlin, part 1