The Small Heart of Things Book Trailer

The Small Heart of Things Book TrailerWith the end of summer, migrating birds make landfall along the shore of the lake. The dense thickets of alders and willows that have sprouted within reach of the water teem with tiny, flitting forms. Whinchats, warblers and flycatchers rustle through the silvered leaves or snare insects on the wing, taking enough from summer’s rich purse to last them until the next stop on their journey. A few pelicans – either too young or too old to migrate with the rest of the colony – glide over their own reflections, the water a mirror of blue glass in the September stillness. Hummingbird hawkmoths blur through the last of the flowers and blackberries by the lake hang heavy from months of sun. As I gather them I watch a warm wind fill the sails of a swallow’s wings, so that it tacks across the sea-green fields beside me. I envy its ease in the air, a creature styled for the open sky.

Like other summers, it’s again been a bit quiet at Notes from Near and Far. But while walking by the lake, I’m reminded by the presence of birds skimming south that there are seasons in each of our lives equal to those of the turning world. Like those species pushing on after a summer of nesting, there’s a time for creating and a time for journeying. And there’s a season, I think, for simply being, as well.

I’ll soon be putting up a Notes from Near and Far post about the Hoo Peninsula, a remarkable and threatened place in the Thames Estuary. But until then, I’m extremely pleased to be able to share the book trailer for The Small Heart of Things, as the book will come out in a few weeks time. With much gratitude to two very talented people, my good friend Miki Ambrózy for the terrific post-production work and generously pulling it all together and to Janis Strapcans for composing the beautiful, original music that accompanies it. Although both versions below are identical, the Vimeo HD trailer is perhaps best for those with good bandwidth, while the smaller YouTube version should be good for those (like us!) who don’t have great broadband. Hope you enjoy!

29 thoughts on “The Small Heart of Things Book Trailer

    1. Thanks ever so much, fifepsy. Finding possibility in the smallest of things, it’s something that I continually admire about your work and explorations. The looking, the uncovering. Cheers for the good wishes!

  1. Beautiful trailer, Julian… It captures perfectly the essence of your work and the places it takes us – places in the wild and places in our own minds. Your writing always opens up such wonderful journeys of discovery for me. I can’t wait to read your book – and love your beautiful words above about the close of summer. It’s so true that there is a season for ‘simply being.’ It’s something I need to keep reminding myself, I think! Thank you for these calming moments of respite from all the rush and busyness of life…


    1. Thank you, Melanie; I’m so pleased you enjoyed the trailer. And, as always, you’ve replied with a lovely comment. I’m honoured to think that some calming moments came from watching this. Which reminds me how much I enjoyed your recent post about Seamus Heaney; I’ll be stopping by soon to savour again.

      Best wishes from here,

  2. Your prose alone is always a multi-sensory experience enriched by your images and sometimes the treat of your voice. You have put it all together beautifully in the trailer and…my copy is on order. Can’t wait.

    1. Thank you, Cindy, for your ever so kind words. It was nice to be able to add some voice again for a change, and I’m so pleased you enjoyed the trailer. And my deep gratitude for your continued interest in the book. As always, best wishes from here and hope you’re well!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful images, matched with haunting, elegiac music and the soft rhythm of your words – this is a delightful experience on all levels – thanks so much for sharing. I hope the launch of the book is going well, and opening up new possibilities for you.

    With all best wishes


    1. It was such a delight to find your wonderful comment, Ian. I’m so pleased that the trailer touched you in this way. It was a fascinating new experience and challenge trying to write for a different medium, as you might have felt from your Wayfarer video, so I’m double delighted that you enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing about your play at some stage!

      Thanks again and best wishes from here,


    1. Many thanks, Tim! I’ve seen far fewer hummingbird hawkmoths this summer than usual so each of their appearances is rather special. Hope you find something to enjoy in the book when it comes out, and thanks for your interest; much appreciated.


  4. Hey Hoff! I’ve ordered a copy and am content to wait for your first book tour of the UK to have you sign it. So, you should be working on the follow up by now…

    Tweet xxx

        1. Great! I’ve been meaning to write you with another possibility for a signed book anyways, so I’ll drop you a line soon :) And I’ll send you the full Shorelines schedule once it’s up.

  5. Yes, there is a type of stillness of September – still seeming to hold on to the slow, thick air of summer. But it does promise change: we’re waiting for the birds to return here for their winter stay. The shore has been very bare for these past months – we can’t wait to see the feathered populations return!

    Can’t wait for your post on the Hoo Peninsula. The area runs deep with history – as rich and endless as any metal in the earth.

    Very great congratulations on the trailer and the tour – and I insist on calling it that!

    1. Thanks, Aubrey! I’m late in replying to your fine words here, but our weather remains unchanged since you left your message. A sheet of clear, warm light across the days; the stillness before a storm that never comes. We’re basking in the unusual season of grace.

      Thanks for the good wishes on the trailer and (one-stop) tour! I’ll be in your general neck of the woods come March, on a bit longer of a tour with a handful of reading dates along the west coast. So I’m extremely excited about glimpsing a new part of the world!

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